SOLD OUT, No Longer in Production for over a Year now...I still have a few coming in.. These are Highly Sought after as they are the Only Upper you can make a legal less than 26" pistol with. I will put a few Collectable Pistols together soon as possible. Knights Armament SR30 9.5inch .300 Blackout Upper Receiver #32310 New upgraded model 3.2 w/matte chrome bolt head,and notch cut rec. in 300BLK, 9.5" BARREL, Black Upper Receiver is Discontinued Now Highly Collectable $2500 Delivered. The Short Barrel uppers less than 16" comes with a Black H2 buffer. Make sure to use ONLY this buffer in any AR15 lower so the gun functions properly with the shorter barrel. *** ( I Cannot and Will Not sell a Short Upper and a Lower with a Stock on it! ) That is an Illegal SBR!*** All the SR15, SR30 and SR25 Lowers are available. Each lower Leaves Knights as a LOWER RECIEVER ONLY! IT IS NOT A PISTOL OR RIFLE; ITS A LOWER RECEIVER AND YOU MUST USE THE "OTHER" BOX ON THE ATF 4473. THEN YOU CAN LEGALLY MAKE AN SBR, PISTOL OR RIFLE, YOUR CHOICE. You can Form 1 the Lower as an SBR WHEN YOU RECEIVE IT. ***IT IS ILLEGAL TO PUT A STOCK ON YOUR PISTOL TILL YOUR FORM 1 IS APPROVED FROM ATF! ***ALL NFA RULES APPLY*** The SR-30 E3 Mod 2 takes advantage of the .300 BLK, offering a 9.5” barrel that is as capable as an 11.5” 5.56 mm SBR, for a significantly more transportable and maneuverable firearm. The QDC compatible Flash Hider will mount any of the KAC 7.62 mm QDC suppressors. The SR-30 has 99% parts compatibility with the SR-15, requiring only a dedicated barrel and muzzle device. Seamlessly transition from su

Price: $2,500.00

These are new in box factory fresh Knights Armament #32310, 9.5 inch barrel .300 Blackout caliber, MLOK handguard Upper receivers, that are now discontinued. 

Email me , Name, Cell and Model and I'll put you on the list, no guarentees!