LMT 12inch M7DA4Z 5.56mm Piston Pistol SBA3 Brace

LMT MARS MLOK 12inch 5.56mm Pistol This one comes w/Removable barrel, Match 2 Stage Trigger and SB Tactical SBA3 6 position Tele Brace. These are available with Quick Change Barrels in 10.5", 11.5",14.5", 16" or 20" barrels. These guns are Factory fresh from Lewis Machine and Tool built as pistols, Test Fired at the factory with full factory warranty. This one comes with LMT MLOK handguard integrated into the MRP upper. 3 rubber handguard sections for added grip. The Mars Ambi lower has got even more Ambi controls than the Knights Ambi lowers.(LMT MAKES THE KAC AMBI LOWERS) With the MRP quick change barrel upper, you can order a large variety of pistol and rifle barrels and handguard options (picitinny quad rail, MLOK or LM8 smooth sided handguards to suit your needs in various calibers. This one has a LMT Factory flip up sites on it from the factory, or you can order fixed removable sights or no sites at all, Up to you. You can also save money if you just want the regular pistol tube instead of a brace. We have added the SB Tactical SBA3 6 POSTION Tele Brace to it, and it makes a real nice package.
We can order you any Custom configuration gun, as long as LMT has the parts, We can build it and Save You Lots of Money on a Fantastic Weapon! Expect 2-4 delivery on most Custom orders. #2379