LMT Sharpshooter Rifle (only)

Sharpshooter™ Rifle MWS .308 Upper Receiver With 16" SST (Blackened) 1:11.25" Twist .308 Tactically Flat Matte Blackened Barrel. I can save you a lot of money if you just buy the gun instead of the pkg deal LMT has. We can ALSO order you any Custom configuration gun, as long as LMT has the parts, We can build it and Save You Lots of Money on a Fantastic Weapon! Expect 2-4 delivery on most Custom orders. Yes, it can be ordered in Black if you like! Call for the Lowest price on one of the Very Best Rifles Money Can Buy!!
  • Standard Semi-Auto OR Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group.
  • Tactical Charging Handle Assembly.
  • SureFire Flash Hider.
  • LM308MWS™ Defender Lower With Sopmod Buttstock.
  • Two Stage Trigger Group.
  • Ambi Selector, and Ambi Mag Release.
  • Ergo Grip designed for LMT®.
  • Ships with a Sling, Operators Manual.
  • Flip up Front and Rear Sight.
  • (2) Heavy Duty Push Button Swivels.
  • Sliding Sling Mount.
  • Torque Wrench / Driver and (3) Rail Panels.
  •  All Furniture is FDE (Flat Dark Earth).

LMT® patented monolithic Modular Weapon System, MWS®.  The only true monolithic rail platform, milled from a single solid piece of aerospace aluminum forging. It utilizes two locking bolts accessible from the side of the receiver to lock in the barrel extension. This patented technology engages the barrel extension for a full 360 degrees around the extension and makes the barrel removable within seconds with a return to zero of the same barrel. One receiver can utilize numerous barrels of varying length, material, and caliber.

The CQBMWS upper receiver has 19.25″ of uninterrupted picatinny rail on the 12 o’clock position.  9″ of picatinny rail on 3 and 9 o’clock positions with 7″ of rail at the 6 o’clock position.

MWS® barrels utilize a low profile gas block and straight gas tube.  They possess proprietary coating and are cryogenically treated for long term durability.

The 308MWS lower receiver features LMT® ergonomic textured grip and SOPMOD stock, ambidextrous magazine catch and safety selector.  As with all LMT® lower receivers, the extension tube is coated with dry film lubricant.  All MWS® lowers are outfitted with a two-stage trigger group. This lower receiver also comes engraved with our “Sharpshooter” logo which is unique to this model only.

This weapon system comes complete with flip-up sights,  tactical two point sling, 3 rail panel covers, Magpul 20rd polymer magazine, torque wrench, and owner’s manual.

Only available for purchase through Federal Firearms Licensed Dealers.