Knight's Armament Company, LLC is a Knight's Armament Factory Authorized Master Dealer.


PLEASE READ....More Knight's Coming for Sure,......

You can Email    INCLUDE: Your Name & Your Cell Phone Number, & The Exact Knight's Models You Want And I'll put You on the "LIST" so you get one! 
You will get one Sooner or Later as they arrive, You just have to wait it out. There is "NO ETA" at this time.
Knight's are sending products over as fast as they can make them. There are people on the list already, and Everyone will be notified in Order to be Fair. 

I'll Text your Cell as soon as they Arrive!  Just Reply to the text Right Away as they go fast!  

We have Everything on Order, We are waiting also. Thanks for Reading.

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Knights Armament 6.5 CREEDMOOR SR-25 PR, 22” DIMPLED BARREL, First...


SOLD OUT, No Longer in Production for over a Year now...I still have...


SOLD OUT...No Longer in Production, More Coming I believe. now Highly...