KAC SR25 Lower Receiver w/6pos. tube

KAC SR25 Lower Receiver w/6pos. stock tube from factory. These are the same SR25 Lowers that are on all SR25 guns, Including the same Match Trigger!. The Standard SR25 Lower comes WITHOUT any brace or stock from Knight's and are $1365 for Lower, add $50 for Shipping w/Full insurance = $1415 add 3% for cards $42.45, Total is $1457 Shipped on a card w/Full Insurance!

PLEASE READ....More Coming for Sure,  BUT NO ETA OR UPDATES FROM KNIGHTS! (THEY SEND EM AS THEY MAKE EM) You can Email chuck@kellyenterprises.net    INCLUDE: Your Name & Your Cell Phone Number, & The Exact Models You Want And I'll put You on the "LIST."   I'll do my best, No Guarantees , You just have to wait it out. There is NO ETA or UPDATES FROM KNIGHTS!  I'll Text your Cell as soon as one Arrives for Your Order!  Just Reply Right Away as they go fast!  We are receiving KAC products constantly! All KAC Products on my site are on Order!  Constantly asking "WHEN ITS COMING" is not helpful, Please be Patient I'll do what I can.