Knight's Armament Rifles on Sale, LLC is one of the Largest Knight's Armament Factory Authorized Dealers in the USA. We Specialize in KAC Rifles, Pistols, Uppers and Lowers.  No Class 3 Sales at this time!

We have some of the Best Prices in America on KAC Products. We Always have at least 1 Million Dollars of Standing Orders at Knights waiting to be delivered. They come and go as they make them. Product arrives constantly, We just never know whats coming.

So with that said,  Email me Your Name, Cell Number, and Exactly which items you want to Backorder.  I'll put it on the Backorder LIST for you, and I'll text you when they arrive! Reply to text Rite Away, as they go very very Fast!

I'll Run your Card and Give you an Order Number with you on the phone when you Reply to my Text. At that time I'll Send you a pic of your Card slip. When the gun ships I'll send you a pic of your FEDEX TRACKING LABEL, and My FFL with Your Receipt. Have your FFL Dealer EMAIL his FFL LICENSE with your Name and Order Number on it to 

Please Read "How to Order" page about FFL Transfers.

As you all know, These are the Top of the Line, and always worth the wait. Thanks for looking and enjoy the sites!

Its OK to email in every once in a while to check status, But there is much more demand than items produced, therefore some of your orders may not be filled, Its a numbers game, just many more orders than production. I hope you understand. I'll do my best, NO GUARENTEES!