Knight's Armament Rifles on Sale, LLC is one of the Largest Knight's Armament Factory Authorized Dealers in the USA. We Specialize in KAC Rifles, Pistols, Uppers and Lowers. We do Not sell KAC parts!

We have some of the Best Prices in America on KAC Products. We Always have 1 Million Dollars of Standing Orders at Knights waiting to be delivered. They come and go as they make them. Product arrives weekly, Just we never know whats coming.

So with that said, Call or email what you are looking for. If I have it , its yours!  If your item is out of stock, Email me your Name, Cell and item you want, I'll put it on Backorder for you, and I'll text you when it arrives! Reply to text asap, as they go very very Fast!

As you all know, these are top of the line systems with various industry upgrades. We are accepting orders on select models at this time.  Please feel free to ask on availability for any Knight's Armament Weapon you are looking for. These guns come and go daily, so if you really want one, please call Chuck at 305-923-6560 and I will see what we have to offer you that day. Thanks for looking and enjoy the sites!