SR-16 5.56mm Pistol Secret Service C grade uppers

This is a KAC MOD 1 Pistol built with SR16 MOD 1, FULL AUTO Secret Service uppers that have been traded in and totally gone over by KAC. Any worn parts have been replaced by KAC. They come with a full auto carrier, a NIB SR15 lower and 1 mag. These uppers are used by SECRET SERVICE, Then traded in at KAC, and rated at C GRADE from KAC. The lowers are NIB w/ SBA3 Brace. The pics show the wear. Call for more details.

These are SR16 used Secret service uppers that come with NIB KAC SR15 Lowers with SBA3 6 pos braces on them so you can make a pistol ouit of it.

Uppers are C grade, and any worn parts have been replaced and uppers gone thru at KAC by their amourers.

Dont miss out, these are the last of the MOD 1 Military trade ins that we will see, No more are coming in...these are the last, Call for more details if needed.