Pre Ban & Collectable Firearms

We carry Pre-Ban "Assault Weapons" and Collector grade firearms on a daily basis. These items are in stock now.

Most are as new, some with factory original boxes, and are classified as USED FIREARMS. There is NO Warranty with used guns. All Pre-Ban & Collector grade Guns are sold as is.

We guarantee the descriptions on all Firearms we sell, Descriptions are accurate, and I'm sure you will be more than pleased when you get it in your hands. Any issues at all, feel free to contact me anytime to address any concerns.

I'm a collector of these weapons and have been in it since 1978.  In that time I have developed a real understanding of these Pre Ban platforms, and only bring to the table guns that will hold their value for you and me.

The nice thing about Pre Bans is, even if you shoot them, if you take good care of them you will always get your money back, and in alot of cases actually make some money as they Always go up in value, due to them being Banned by George Bush in July 1989.

 We are always buying Pre-Ban & Collector grade weapons, so if you want to sell us something, or just need help deciding, feel free to email Chuck at, or call me @  (305) 923-6560, 9am-9pm, 7 days a week. I'll be happy to take care of you!

Thanks for looking and click on product details for more pics! Enjoy the website!