Polytech Legend AK47 S, NIB,16in Unfired Rifle

Polytech Legend 16inch barrel AK47-S in 762x39.
This gun is New in Box, Unfired, pics show it all. This one has a 16" barrel, and a legend receiver marked P47 as is should be. These have a factory heavy barrel, It also came with Mags and Bayonet still in plastic sealed bags. I cant find any distractions on this one. This exact gun was brought in the country in small numbers form Kengs in Georgia. They were the main importer of Legend series guns. All together its an Excellent Quality Factory NIB Pre Ban Gun. We guarantee the descriptions on any Firearm we sell, Descriptions are accurate, and I'm sure you will be more than pleased when you get it in your hands.
Manufacturer: Polytech