Steyr Arms Maadi ARM Egyptian Import

Maadi ARM, Steyr Imported these in the 1980's. They were built with Russian and parts made in Egypt in the Russian plant there. Closest thing you will ever see to Original Russian AKM! Only 2000 came in before ATF stopped All importations. These came with some full auto parts in them, still legal, just not allowed to continue imports. This is one of the nicest I've seen, Paint is in great shape, as the entire gun. Looks like it was test fired a little, but shows no real wear. Comes with Original mag and sling, also I have included a Real Deal Russian Waffle Mag! Very hard to find! bottom line is these are the very closest you will get to a real Russian AKM. Call anytime to order.
maadi arm rifle steyr import
maadi arm rifle steyr import
Manufacturer: Steyr Arms