Knight's SR-15 MOD2 SBR
More Coming .....
Shipped FedEx 2nd Day Air with Full Insurance to your Home!
Knight's SR25 .308cal Lower Receiver
Knight's SR25 .308cal Lower Receiver w/SL-S Stock NIB.
KE POF-USA 18.5" Exclusive .308 Accurized Rifle Pkg. w/ Factory Target Nib $3599 Delivered, .308 ACOG Available.
20230801_133018-Slide 20inch POF.jpg
KE POF-USA Exclusive Custom DI 20inch 6.5 Caliber Accurized Rifle w/9 Position Gas block & Lifetime Warranty
KE POF Exclusive .308 rifle w/o Accessories for $3000 Delivered!
sp5k mk23 slide.jpg
HK Germany SP5K , USP LE 9mm 13RD V-1 & Tactical 9mm & 45acp Pistols & Mk 23 and 45 Elite .45acp Pistols
Text for Today's Best Price on All HK's In Stock
Call or Text 305-923-6560 for Today's Best Price!!!
HK SP5 9mm Pistol, USP Mark 23, 45acp Elite, 45acp & 9mm Tacticals & LE Compacts, In Stock Now!
More SR15 16inch Rifles Coming Soon
Text Your Orders to Chuck @ 305-923-6560
HK MR556 NEW MODEL 1 023-SLIDE.jpg
HK MR556, 16inch 5.56mm MLOK Carbine, NIB, Factory Sealed!
HK MR762 RIFLE PICS 044.jpg
More HK SP5 & SP5K , USP Tacticals, MR556 & MR308 Rifles Coming!
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Rare and Pre-Ban Weapons

Welcome to

We specialize in High Quality Military and Collector Grade Weapons from Knight's Armament, HK, Barrett, and Colt among other Collector Grade Pre Ban Weapons.

*** is Proud to be One of the largest Knights Armament  Dealers in the USA for KAC Rifles, Uppers and Lowers. If I don't have it here, I'll try and get it for you!

***We Do Not sell KAC's other Parts***

We do have hard to find items and Pre Ban Assault Weapons coming in , and we try to carry like new Pre Ban IMI UZI's when available.

Go to Featured and Rare Firearms Section to will find collector grade and Pre-Ban weapons and new or limited production, hard to locate items.  For other, more popular guns, ammunition and accessories, go to 35,000 Firearms, Ammo and Accessories. We have over 35,000 Items, including 5000 guns of all types with ammunition and accessories from every major manufacturer.

Please Only Text or Try Calling me....

If you are looking for something you don't see on this website yet, or want to place an Order OR Backorder feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. for help getting the item you are searching for.   I'll do what I can.  Thanks for looking and enjoy the website.

Ordering instructions

At This time product is coming and going rather fast. Best to get on the LIST,  Text Chuck at 305-923-6560, with your Name , Cell, and Exact Model you want.

I'll put you on a list, No Guarantees, and please don't keep asking....If and When I have something for you , I will call and text you, (I want to sell it as much as you want it. )

This way as soon as I have something for you I'll call you for payment, get your paperwork done and ship it out asap. To place an Order or Backorder Text Chuck  with your Name, Cell & Requested Items.

To Pay for an order call Chuck 305-923-6560, 7 days a week between 9am-9pm EST. I'll get to you asap!

 I will give you an Order Number, process your Credit Card Payment With you on the phone, and I'll Reply via Text with Your Order Number, Fedex 2nd Day Air Tracking Number, A copy of your Credit Card Slip and My FFL Receipt.

Then contact your FFL dealer and have them email his FFL to me with your Name and Order Number on it.  Email  the FFL to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or fax to 305-517-6524 if needed. 

Guns ship Every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday FedEx 2nd Day Air with Full Insurance & Adult signature Required! Check your Tracking Number on the following day when you get your Tracking., If any issues, make me aware ASAP.  Thanks for reading.