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FN USA M249S PARA 16INCH 5.56MM BELTFED RIFLE, NEW IN BOX. MSRP $10499 Shipped Fedex Ground w/Full Insurance


Knights 6.5 CREEDMOOR SR-25 PR, 22”, M-LOK Upper

Knights Armament 6.5 CREEDMOOR SR-25 PR, 22” DIMPLED BARREL, First Dimpled Barrel in at least 5 years. M-LOK Upper Receiver. The Newest addition to the KAC lineup is complete now. MSRP $4455, Add $80 = $4535 for FedEx 2nd Day Air, $50 for Full Insurance = $4585, and 3% for Credit card ($137.55) = $4722.55 , Total $4722.55, I'll charge you $4700. $4700 on a Card Shipped FedEx 2nd Day Air w/Full Insurance w/Adult Signature required. I will have a Few Completed 6.5Creedmoore 22" Rifles. They will have NIB SR25 .308 Caliber Lower Receivers w/ Magpul SLS stock and 1-20rd Stainless Steel Duramag. Also the 6.5 upper will be NIB Factory Sealed, The NIB Lower Receiver I will open to install the SLS Stock. You will receive Both Items NIB, Shipped FedEx 2nd Day Air with Full Insurance to your Dealer For $6529 Total. Breakdown is $4700 for upper, $1729 for the lower and $100 for the Stock and mag = $6529. Only a Few will be available. will not take part in the Factories Devaluing of their product line that You have Invested in, My prices stand. Thanks for reading, If I can Help you let me know. Sincerely This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. P.S. Any one of my Clients that have gotten hurt by such action will be made whole by Chuck& Right Away. Thanks for reading:)


Knights Armament SR30 9.5inch 300 blk Upper Receiver #32310

SOLD OUT, No Longer in Production for over a Year now...I still have a few coming in.. These are Highly Sought after as they are the Only Upper you can make a legal less than 26" pistol with. I will put a few Collectable Pistols together soon as possible. Knights Armament SR30 9.5inch .300 Blackout Upper Receiver #32310 New upgraded model 3.2 w/matte chrome bolt head,and notch cut rec. in 300BLK, 9.5" BARREL, Black Upper Receiver is Discontinued Now Highly Collectable $2500 Delivered. The Short Barrel uppers less than 16" comes with a Black H2 buffer. Make sure to use ONLY this buffer in any AR15 lower so the gun functions properly with the shorter barrel. *** ( I Cannot and Will Not sell a Short Upper and a Lower with a Stock on it! ) That is an Illegal SBR!*** All the SR15, SR30 and SR25 Lowers are available. Each lower Leaves Knights as a LOWER RECIEVER ONLY! IT IS NOT A PISTOL OR RIFLE; ITS A LOWER RECEIVER AND YOU MUST USE THE "OTHER" BOX ON THE ATF 4473. THEN YOU CAN LEGALLY MAKE AN SBR, PISTOL OR RIFLE, YOUR CHOICE. You can Form 1 the Lower as an SBR WHEN YOU RECEIVE IT. ***IT IS ILLEGAL TO PUT A STOCK ON YOUR PISTOL TILL YOUR FORM 1 IS APPROVED FROM ATF! ***ALL NFA RULES APPLY*** The SR-30 E3 Mod 2 takes advantage of the .300 BLK, offering a 9.5” barrel that is as capable as an 11.5” 5.56 mm SBR, for a significantly more transportable and maneuverable firearm. The QDC compatible Flash Hider will mount any of the KAC 7.62 mm QDC suppressors. The SR-30 has 99% parts compatibility with the SR-15, requiring only a dedicated barrel and muzzle device. Seamlessly transition from su


SR-15 LPR M-LOK 5.56MM 18" MATCH RIFLE #31973

SOLD OUT...No Longer in Production, More Coming I believe. now Highly Collectable...Will post upon arrival. Knight's SR-15 LPR M-LOK 5.56MM 18" Match Rifle #31973. These LPR MLOK guns come with the NEW MAGPUL SL-S stock from the factory now. Magpul stocks will be on all KAC guns from now on. $MSRP $3208, Add $125 FedEx 2nd Day Air, $35 Full Insurance, and 3% for card = $3469 Total shipped on a card 2nd Day Air w/Full Insurance and Adult signature to your FFL Dealer. PLEASE READ....More Coming I was Told..., BUT NO ETA OR UPDATES FROM KNIGHTS! (THEY SEND EM AS THEY MAKE EM) You can TEXT Chuck @ 305 923 6560,   INCLUDE: Your Name & Your Cell Phone Number, & The Exact Models You Want, I'll put You on the "LIST."   I'll do my best, No Guarantees , You just have to wait it out. There is NO ETA or UPDATES FROM KNIGHTS!  I'll Text your Cell as soon as one Arrives for Your Order!  Just Reply Right Away as they go fast!  We are receiving KAC products constantly! All KAC Products on my site are on Order!  Constantly asking "WHEN ITS COMING" is not helpful, Please be Patient I'll do what I can. Its OK to email in every once in a while to check status, But there is much more demand than items produced, therefore some of your orders may not be filled, Its a numbers game, just many more orders than production. I hope you understand. I'll do my best, NO GUARENTEES! These have been Discontinued and are Now Highly Collectable!!!.