Welcome to our line of Kellyenterprises / Omega KE German Series Rollerlock Firearms. This Series of weapons is a marked improvement over our previous offerings. Our partner in this venture is Omega Firearms. They have all the correct HK tooling and experience needed to build us a superior line of weapons we can all be proud to own. Together we are obtaining the highest quality new, and surplus parts kits available for our builds. Thus bringing to market an accurate, reliable, and durable pleasing to the eye line of  Sear Ready weapons in the most popular calibers.  Please make note, these current offering are not the same as the Special Weapons variations made by Todd Baily for Special Weapons,  and others under various Mfg and Rollmark names.  These are a totally new product.  Produced by Wade Baily, Specificly for me, with his Omega name proudly marked on them all, there are No mystery parts here, all parts are named and or marked. We are using only the best USA made top end 94/MP5 internals and barrels in the business from RCM. All weapons will have only RCM barrels in them, and are Sear Ready and 922 Compliant for SBR Conversions. Other internals and parts are from HK Germany and HK contract mfgs along with some small parts proudly made in the USA.. Only the best receivers will do also from PTR and LSC amoung others available and that are coming into the market today. This is a new product line, and all are test fired by me for accuracy and function before they ship to you.  Check back from time to time to view the updated inventory. The 9mm guns are tested with 124 grain and 115 grain 9mm ammunition. Only after passing all the quality checks will they be passed on to the customer. These guns are built correctly and will not require a break in period to run perfectly with standard quality ammunition.

Many of our past configurations will continue to be upgraded and produced, and as time goes by we plan on bringing you quite a few new items you have all been eager for. Both our companies are in this for the long haul and have every intension of putting our best foot forward. We are also listening to your concerns and ideas to bring to market a more desirable product day in and day out. I will be loading this site daily, and if there is a model you would like to see built, drop me a line and we can discuss it and hopefully we can meet your needs. 

We are accepting orders at this time for the weapons you see here. Give us a call anytime to place your orders.

Thanks for looking and we look forward to working with all of you,

Regards, Chuck Malta 305-923-6560 anytime.

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Kellyenterprises / Omega KE-94 'F" 9MM Pistol Pkg. w/RCM Barrels and Internals

These are No Longer made, We can help you with other models, call for details, thanks for looking! Kellyenterprises/Omega KE-94 "F" PISTOL w/RCM Barrels and Internals. These are 100% new guns built with new RCM parts. All guns come with 1 New HK 30rd German made mag, 1 new Assault case, And 1 Promag HK clipped sling, WITH free shipping and 2yr warranty. These firearms are "Sear Ready" and will accept a Registered ATF Full Auto Sear and run Full Auto without modification. I Personally QC & Test Fire each gun for accuracy and function with 115gr and 124 gr ammo before it leaves my shop! These can be made into an SBR as this gun is already 100% 922r compliant! Call Chuck 305 923 6560 anytime for details and to place your order.

Call for Price: (305) 923-6560

Kellyenterprises / Omega KE-94RS 9MM Pistol Pkg. w/RCM Barrels and Internals

These are No Longer made, We can help you with other models, call for details, thanks for looking!

Call for Price: (305) 923-6560