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This is a Kellyenterprises.net Exclusive, POF-USA was nice enough to assemble this package for me.  Kellyenterprises.Net backs this gun 100% with the following Guarantee.

Chucks' Personal Guarantee

There is a Lifetime Warranty from POF-USA. Contact Chuck from Kellyenterprises.net, LLC at 305-923-6560 if/when any issue arrises. I will facilitate any and all warranty claims and repairs. I will guarantee its accuracy with Federal Gold Medal Match 168 Grain Sierra Ammunition at 60 yards.  That was the length of the range, where the guns were test fired by the manaufacturer's Military Marksmen at their indoor testing facility. 

Details and Pricing

Its a KE POF-USA Exclusive .308 Caliber Semi auto version of the AR10 series of Rifles, With my own modifications that I believe make an Excellent and more Durable unit.

I've included all you need to get started. I did set this up with a 4x32 mil reticule and 800 meter bullet drop Acog, Truely a great combination.  $3,599 for the gun package. The Combination Deal of $4,700 including the ACOG with, 4 x 32 - 800 Mil Sights.  These guns minus the package is availible for $3,000 delivered, $3200 w/magpul metal flip up sights.

These items are with each KE POF Exclusive .308 Rifle Package:

  • This also comes with a Dry Bone range bag, The real deal for a bag, Gun gones in Wet, No problem, comes out dry, real nice.

  • Nice Vanguard Equalizer 1QS collapible bipod.
  • I have the Best Steel Magpul ajustable sights they make included, a Magpul SLS Stock, Ergo Rubber MLOK & Piccatinny rail covers, keep your hands from getting beat up.

  • Mission First is the Mfg of the Front wide palm swell grip, and Handguard w/Magpul 5 slot Steel Picatinny rail panel included.

  • I had the factory install the KE branded Rogue lightened 4150 heat-treated steel upper receiver.
  • I also had the factory install their curved M-4 style 4.5 LB trigger in this gun. 
  • These are soft-shooting, minimum recoil .308 / 6.5 rifles.
  • All 4 Rifles In Stock Now!

These .308 / 6.5 rifles have the best most accurate nitrated twist barrel available at POF, and is also Fluted / Nitrated for strength and durability. The 12.5 SBR, 16.5 & 18.5 rifles have a E2 .308 WIN 1-10 twist barrels, while the 20" rifle has a E2 6.5 CREEDMOOR 1-8 twist barrel.  Gun has a manufacturer Lifetime warranty backed by Kellyenterprises.net, LLC, a 9 positon Gas block and a 4.5lb - 2 stage match trigger. A great set up!

These .308 Firearms has the best most accurate nitrated 1/10 twist barrel available at POF, and is also Fluted for strength and durability. These guns have a 9 positon Gas block and a 4.5lb - 2 stage match trigger. A great set up!

The upper receiver on the ROGUE gun they make has been seriously lighted, And is what I used on this gun, Its not top heavy at all, just the opposite. You'll know it's one of our rifles by the KE marking on the lightened Rogue 4150 heat-treated upper receiver with deflector.

I used the Heavy Aluminum Billet GEN 4 Ambi lower on this gun, all the weight is at the bottom, Just feels better in my hands, I think its a winning combination.

The gun shoots very well, I do think you will like it once you get it. They shoot lightly, and we're finding consistent 3/4 inch groupings at 60 yards.

Here are all the specs, Please check it out, Let me know if I can Help.....

POF broke barriers when they released the piston driven .308 Revolution. For 2019 They introduced the Revolution DI (Direct Impingement). By popular demand, you get the same technology, same durability, same features, and same AR-15 size, but in a smaller direct impingement system featuring They're 9-position adjustable Dictator gas block and Renegade rail.

The original Revolution weighed in at 7.35 pounds, the Revolution DI weighs even less at 6.8 pounds with a 16” barrel.

The KE POF USA 16" Rifle Dressed w/o mag and No ACOG is 8.29lbs & 9.3lbs Dressed w/ACOG without Mag. Finally, the total weight is 10.8lb, Dressed with 20rd loaded Magazine and ACOG, & all Accessories. The 12.5", 16.5", 18.5" & 20" rifle pkg weights are in the pics below.

Theses guns are Almost perfectly evenly balanced, with the weight shifted very slightly to the rear, leaving the front Very light on its feet, and effortless to Fast Point, Sight and Shoot. 

I Truly believe these are winning combinations, Giving you Excellent Accuracy at a price point well below all the higher priced competition's Firearms.

All Firearms ship FedEx 2nd Day Air w/Full Insurance, Adult Signature required.



The Exclusive KE POF USA Firearm is an AR-15 that shoots .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor and here's why.


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KE POF-USA Exclusive .308 12.5inch Rifle

20231018 105345-12.5 slide

7.67 stripped / no mag / no ACOG

7.67 12.5

8.46 Dressed w/ ACOG

020 12.5 wacog

10.05 Dressed w/ACOG and Full 20 Round Mag

 026 12.5 acog mag


KE POF-USA Exclusive .308 16.5inch Rifle


8.29 lbs total dressed / no mag / no ACOG

 scale 8.29

9.30 lbs total dressed w/ loaded stainless steel mag


10.80 lbs total dressed w/ loaded stainless steel mag and ACOG



KE POF-USA Exclusive .308 18.5inch Rifle




8.42 lbs total dressed / no mag / no ACOG

Scale 8.42

9.57 lbs total dressed w/ loaded stainless steel mag

Scale 9.57

11.02 lbs total dressed w/ loaded stainless steel mag and ACOG

Scale 11.02


KE POF-USA Exclusive 20inch 6.5 Rifle


8.68 lbs total dressed / no mag / no ACOG

scale 8.68 20inch

"KE POF Rifle Review

Easily one of the best combat AR10 platforms currently on the market.  The Kelly Enterprises (KE) design of the POF-USA Revolution system with Rogue 4150 heat treated upper, comes with all the necessary upgrades that allow for the rifle to be what I like to call a ‘combat rifle.’  As a current active-duty special forces soldier and assigned as my Operational Detachment Alpha’s (ODA) senior sniper, having a rifle that we can use as an effective platform in combat is a must.  The KE redesign of the POF Revolution system gives a new understanding of a true light-weight sniper system and combat rifle.  I used this rifle system out of the box without adding any gun oil to see how long it would take the jam up and after almost 100 rounds the system still kept cycling without any issues.  As a semi auto 308 platform that is extremely impressive. From my experience with other systems, the 308 cartridge will dry out the bolt carrier group so quickly with all the powder that they can start jam up rather quickly.  I do always recommend using gun oil properly according to the gun manual specifications but for the purpose of understanding the limitations of the rifle, I like to take the gun to its limits to see where it will start having issues so that I can have a better understanding of my own combat rifle. 

To start, the rifle design itself weighs in at an incredibly light 7.67 lbs.  This is almost 2lbs lighter than most other AR10 platforms including other high-end brands. For me as the senior sniper on my ODA, my load out will typically be a bolt system broken down in my ruck and my primary will be an AR10 platform that I use on combat patrols.  It is critical that the AR10 system I carry is lightweight and reliable, this will significantly increase my effectiveness to employ the system quickly and even extend my patrol range given that this system is much lighter than most other platforms.  

In addition to the weight, the rifle is balanced.  What this means is that when you hold the rifle, the weapon system weight is equally distributed throughout the gun, making it more comfortable to shoulder fire and is far less likely to create shooter fatigue.  The rifle’s weight distribution also doesn’t have any negative effects to managing its recoil.  Many platforms from different organizations distribute most of the weight towards the muzzle, counteracting the muzzle blast with weight.  This, however, is not necessary with the design of the Kelly Enterprises POF Revolution design.  The heavy buffer, triple port break, and light weight design makes the rifle seem effortless when managing recoil.  When adding a suppressor, the adjustable gas block makes for an easy quick adjustment to allow for continued functionality of the weapon system.  The rifle also comes standard with an already preset 4.5lb 2 stage trigger.  Being able to pull the slack out of the trigger with the 2-stage prior to making a shot is a critical aspect to improving accuracy and quickly placing consistent shot groups during rapid engagements. 

All that being said, as an active Green Beret sniper I would advise that anyone looking to have a rifle system where functionality and reliability are key for their survivability to get their hands on Kelly Enterprises POF-USA Revolution AR10 and test it out for yourself."


This is the next review...

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"The craftsmanship and expertise displayed by Kelly's Enterprises in customizing the POF Revolution DI 16" 308 rifle* exemplify a deep understanding of how weight distribution plays a pivotal role in enhancing overall performance and mitigating recoil. The meticulous modifications included a shaven upper for weight reduction and a heavier lower to achieve a well-balanced design, leading to a rifle that surpassed expectations in precision and reliability. The result of Kelly's Enterprises' masterful work was truly extraordinary. When handling the POF Revolution DI, it felt like a revelation on the shooting range. The rifle's exceptional accuracy was almost uncanny; each shot seemed to effortlessly find its mark, with bullets consistently piercing the same holes in the target. It became a challenge not to hit the bullseye with every squeeze of the trigger, highlighting the rifle's unparalleled precision and ease of use. The accuracy of the POF Revolution DI is truly world-class, rivaling that of industry giants like the KAC SR25 while maintaining its status as one of the lighter weapons on the market. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it shoots slightly more accurately than a KAC SR25, a testament to the precision and quality of Kelly's Enterprises' knowledge and craftsmanship."

-Kevin O.

*For transparency, these rifles are 100% built by POF-USA with full factory warranty, on behalf of Kellyenterprises.net, LLC.*


This is the first review of a loyal customer!


I wanted to take a few minutes and send you my thoughts after having been able to spend some time with my new KE POF-USA .308 Rifle. I am not an operator or professional, I don't use chronographs or scales, I don't measure trigger pulls using anything other than my finger and don't measure my groups. I have been shooting and hunting my entire life. I shoot quality guns and good ammunition. My impression of a gun is based on the looks, the feel, how it shoots and how well it serves the intended purpose. I have never intentionally torture tested a gun, but my guns are tools and they get used and they get used hard.

I had heard of POF before but never had any firsthand experience with one, so I was intrigued when you told me that you were working with them to create a badass .308. I already have other guns in this category and have been waiting for my Knights for a while, so I didn't think I needed another one. I figured I would pick up one as a placeholder and see what happens. I was going to be adding this to my PWS MK216, SCAR 17, HK MR762 and LMT MARS-H Battle Rifle so it was going to have some very tough competition.

This gun is expensive, but so are most of the guns I shoot and none of them come with anywhere near as many accessories. It really is a nice package and ready to take to go shoot. I opted for the gun without the ACOG as I had an extra TA-11 which I planned on using for this rifle.

 My first impression when I picked up the rifle was that it was a very nicely built, quality rifle. The fit and finish and color were all excellent. It looked great. Mine had no machine marks anywhere. It definitely met my expectations for a gun this price. It felt better than expected and exceeded my expectations. The weight / balance of this rifle is superb. As I mentioned, I don't weigh my guns or anything scientific. For me, if it feels right, it is right, and this one is right. It swings easily and points naturally. It handles more like an AR-15 than an AR-10. All in all, my first impressions were very, very positive and I was excited to go shoot this thing.

 The 308 that I benchmark all others against is my HK MR762. In my opinion there is no gun that oozes quality and perfection like that rifle. The POF was surprisingly close. Out of the guns mentioned before, the initial impression / looks / fit /feel of the POF was slightly ahead of the others (PWS, SCAR, LMT) and sitting closely behind the MR762.

 I first shot my POF at the farm in Ohio. It wasn't a scientific review or session. My Bench was a picnic table, and I rested the rifle on a backpack. I didn't measure the wind, temperature or humidity or anything else. None of that usually seems to matter when most of your shooting is at coyotes and groundhogs. I took my rifle out of the bag (with the included bipod attached), loaded a magazine, flipped up the sites and started shooting.

 My first three shots with the included iron sights were at 50 yards and were touching! Man I love that! I was so impressed with that that I hadn't noticed how soft shooting this rifle was. It was a pleasure to shoot this thing. Accurate and easy shooting. Felt more like an AR-15 that my other 308 guns do. I was really enjoying this.

 All in all, my brother, dad and I put over 1,000 rounds through the gun in the 2 weeks I was in Ohio. We did not have a single malfunction. We shot the gun with the iron sights, the ACOG TA-11 and a Nightforce NX8 1-8 LPVO scope. We each liked different things about each of those setups, but I was most impressed with the versatility and shootabilty of this gun. At any range the gun was easy and comfortable. I don't measure groups but was easily hitting coke cans at 200 yards. I would say my gun is definitely MOA or better without me trying too hard. I would love for someone more capable than me to actually push this gun and see what it can do because I'll bet it would be impressive.

 Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase, and I would recommend this rifle to anyone. The POF is not a placeholder anymore while I wait for my Knights and has actually become my preferred AR-10 style rifle to shoot. It's a complete package, ready to run battle rifle out of the bag. I do still plan on grabbing a 16-inch SR25 when I can and when I do, I cannot wait to put it up against my POF.

 Thanks again,


 Let me know if I can help in any way..... "