KNIGHTS ARMAMENT SR25 APC MLOK 308 Rifle #31955 with Medium weight Match barrel,  Adult Signature Required to your Dealer. 4.5lb match trigger, Magpul M-LOK handguard, and These now come with the New Magpul STR locking rear stocks and 3 prong KAC Flashider from the factory. KAC SR25 Lower Receiver NIB (Factory Sealed) with only 6 position tube from the factory.

MSRP $6063, Add $125 = $6188 for FedEx 2nd Day Air, $62 for Full Insurance = $6250, and 3% for Credit card ($187.50) = $6437.50 , Total $6400, I'll charge you $6400 On a Card w/FedEx 2nd Day Air & Full Insurance coverage w/ Adult signature., LLC is one of the Largest Knight's Armament Factory Authorized Dealer/Distributors in the USA. We Specialize in KAC Rifles, Uppers and Lowers.

Price: $6,400.00

The SR-25 E2 series is the latest evolution of the dual role 7.62 mm NATO Carbine. Each are equally adept at putting rounds on target past 1000 meters or rapid multi-shot engagement at close range, with a barrel and bolt life to support the training regimen necessary to master these skills. An ambidextrous bolt release, selector, and magazine release offer the left-handed user the ergonomic advantages inherent to AR15 based controls, as well as giving right-handed users alternate methods of manipulation to increase efficiency of movement. The drop-in 2-stage trigger serves double duty as an aid to long range precision marksmanship while enabling surgical speed shooting at close range. A 7.62 QDC Flash Suppressor reduces flash and ground disturbance, and supports KAC QDC Signature Reduction Devices.

All of the weapons available from Knight’s Armament come equipped with a 4.5lb, 2-Stage Match Trigger. This type of trigger mechanism uses a system where, during the rearward squeeze of a trigger, it cycles through two stages of resistance

The first stage is a ‘no-poundage’ stage where hardly any resistance is felt during the rear-ward squeeze. There is a center point at which point resistance is felt and the second stage of the trigger begins. At this point, 4.5 pounds of force is required to squeeze the trigger through the second stage and cause the weapon to cycle.

Our 2-stage trigger is meant to inform a shooter of exactly where their weapon is going to fire. This bolsters a firer’s confidence and can also assist in reducing trigger jerk, thereby increasing accuracy. The 4.5lb 2-Stage Trigger from Knight’s Armament is a highly calibrated and smooth component that is sure to be a welcome addition to any setup.


5R Rifled Barrel

5R is the form of rifling developed by Boots Obermeyer for use in most target barrels and in many sporting barrels. These barrels have 5 grooves, and the lands have angular sides. It has been observed that bullet jackets will deform such that they remain closer to the R-form lands than they will to the sharp-edged lands present in conventional-style rifling. This reduces powder fouling at the corner of the grooves. The angled form of the lands also helps to reduce jacket failures in quick-twist barrels